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That's All, Folks

Well, that's that. I had a few more "few caps left in me" updates left, but I eventually decided that if I didn't stop - really stop - I never would.

I'll still post the occasional stories on my deviantart (thatguyinthatcorner.deviantart.com), and keep up occasional inanimate cap on purseboy.com, but... honestly... I think this blog, though fun while it lasted, was something that when I think about it I didn't really want to do - it was a spur of the moment type thing, and I've always been just a single step above a lurker at heart. Plus, I've been finding it harder to think of ideas and... well... I just have to move on, y'know? I hear someone brought back tf-media... who knows, maybe one day I'll post a cap or two over there...

But in a month's time,this blog will be gone - make sure to save your favorites (I deleted a lot of the files on here, so I'll be doing the same ;-) ). I mean it when I say it's been great, but... like Haley's Comet I must move on.

Thanks for watching and being around, especially those of you from tf-media. Here's one last cap for you all.

Thanks for the mammaries! Heh.