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Day After Valentines Capstival!

Not quite done from yesterday - got a nice bunch more.

You might recognize this general idea from my older cap "Big Brother Instinct." While it's an idea that was nice to do twice, truthfully I wrote this one, forgot about it, then wrote Big Brother Instinct and remembered this after the second one was done. I still prefer this one, though I do like both.

No matter what form he/she's in, here's a brother/sister who knows what she wants.

A trio of short...er caps, featuring several ways you can - quite by surprise - end up in a relationship. So don't complain, don't be fooled, and don't be blindsided!

This last one is based off of an idea used in a cap I saw a while ago, but from a slightly different perspective (or more precisely at a different point) than the one the other cap had.

Funny how when you go demand things of magical peoples after they've already shown they can mess with you, it doesn't always work.

But at least she's happy.