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Birthday Wish From Jennifer

So Monday was my birthday. I'm not saying how old I am cause, well a lady never reveals her age. But, lets just say that I'm not old enough to be a cougar yet. This year, I got some nice captions from the girls at the Haven. They were nice enough to let me share them with you.

My New BFF

The New Year's Babe

Seven : The Complete Series

The seductive power of sin...

That's All, Folks

Well, that's that. I had a few more "few caps left in me" updates left, but I eventually decided that if I didn't stop - really stop - I never would.

I'll still post the occasional stories on my deviantart (, and keep up occasional inanimate cap on, but... honestly... I think this blog, though fun while it lasted, was something that when I think about it I didn't really want to do - it was a spur of the moment type thing, and I've always been just a single step above a lurker at heart. Plus, I've been finding it harder to think of ideas and... well... I just have to move on, y'know? I hear someone brought back tf-media... who knows, maybe one day I'll post a cap or two over there...

But in a month's time,this blog will be gone - make sure to save your favorites (I deleted a lot of the files on here, so I'll be doing the same ;-) ). I mean it when I say it's been great, but... like Haley's Comet I must move on.

Thanks for watching and being around, especially those of you from tf-media. Here's one last cap for you all.

Thanks for the mammaries! Heh.

Still Got More Caps In Me Part 2

Still going!

This first one was conceived a long while ago - it was my attempt to maybe make a spin on the whole "conditioned" sort of thing, like the ideas NRAE has. But I couldn't get it to come together in a way I actually enjoyed until a few weeks ago.

And one that doesn't strictly involve a mental change - I do like these as well. Lucky guy got away just in time. ;-)

This one was first intended to be part of a series (on TF-Media), involving a wizard type dude who for fun turned all his friends into girls during summer vacation - vignettes about each of them, essentially. Each would basically be the story of how their minds adapted to match their changes and what happened after. Here's all that's left.

Here's one that's just an ode to one of my favorite words, especially in caps. And to prove that point, another cap that said word in it! Gotta love that magic tattooist.

And the rest...

Still Got More Caps In Me Part 1

I wasn't kidding when I said that even though I'm soon going to be done with this blog, I've still got some caps left in me. Expect a bunch of these updates in the coming weeks.

This one's one I thought of a while back, influenced by a cap I think Judoo did once. I like the concept of something like this...

This one I thought of a really long time ago - figured I might as well finally make a cap out of it.

Here's a cap where as I soon as I saw the picture I knew I had to cap it. I still really like this one - you got to be careful messing with curses, eh?

But, just to show that I don't advocate that sort of thing - here's a cap where the pinchers get their just desserts.

Ah, an age old problem. Even when they're trying to relax and get over the sudden change in physique, you've got some jerk messing it up for you.

And the rest...

Day After Valentines Capstival!

Not quite done from yesterday - got a nice bunch more.

You might recognize this general idea from my older cap "Big Brother Instinct." While it's an idea that was nice to do twice, truthfully I wrote this one, forgot about it, then wrote Big Brother Instinct and remembered this after the second one was done. I still prefer this one, though I do like both.

No matter what form he/she's in, here's a brother/sister who knows what she wants.

A trio of caps, featuring several ways you can - quite by surprise - end up in a relationship. So don't complain, don't be fooled, and don't be blindsided!

This last one is based off of an idea used in a cap I saw a while ago, but from a slightly different perspective (or more precisely at a different point) than the one the other cap had.

Funny how when you go demand things of magical peoples after they've already shown they can mess with you, it doesn't always work.

But at least she's happy.

Valentine's Capstravaganza

Practicing my new all-in-one update style, here's a bunch of faux-romantic-esque (er... maybe not) caps for those very few viewers of mine to enjoy this holiday.

First, in "Seems Like A Plan" we have a young lady who uses her unfortunate situation to spread a little love among those she cares about. Not to mention she turns the trick around on the jerks who tricked her/him!
Likewise, in "Lover, Not A Fighter" we meet a gal who's likely going to get a lot more Valentines now than she used to.

On the other hand, here's someone who really doesn't want any kind of romance right now, but no matter what can't seem to escape it. Tough luck.

But then again, who says you need someone else to show a little love (get your minds out the gutter people). In "Self Admiration" here's someone partaking in that oldest and noblest (not really) form of love, narcissism. Sort of. Is it narcissism, really? Odd question.

In "A-muse-ing" and "Rooftop Rendezvous," we get some very odd tales of romance and love at first sight. Course, you probably know why they're odd already, or else you wouldn't be here. You never know when true love is gonna pop up... or in what form you'll be in when it does.

Also, I just realized I used the name "Lee" twice. Please forgive my momentary lack of creativity.

In contrast, here's someone whose romance didn't quite end so well. Word to the wise, don't date witches with issues, it'll just come back to bite you in the end no matter how sincere you are. Still, if you do end up in such a situation don't let them just walk all over you!

And lastly, in "Busted By The Warlock" you get someone for whom fake-ish love is suddenly forced to be a real relationship. It takes quite a bit to put one over on an magical master, though at least they avoided the age-old pitfall of using a name that sounds like your old one.