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Still Got More Caps In Me Part 1

I wasn't kidding when I said that even though I'm soon going to be done with this blog, I've still got some caps left in me. Expect a bunch of these updates in the coming weeks.

This one's one I thought of a while back, influenced by a cap I think Judoo did once. I like the concept of something like this...

This one I thought of a really long time ago - figured I might as well finally make a cap out of it.

Here's a cap where as I soon as I saw the picture I knew I had to cap it. I still really like this one - you got to be careful messing with curses, eh?

But, just to show that I don't advocate that sort of thing - here's a cap where the pinchers get their just desserts.

Ah, an age old problem. Even when they're trying to relax and get over the sudden change in physique, you've got some jerk messing it up for you.

And the rest...