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Devious and other captions

Now that I think about it, since I tend to update all at once an "all caps in a single post" approach might not be such a bad idea. In any case, here are the rest of the caps for today. I think I'll post some tomorrow as well...

First off: "Devious" or "Revenge is A Dish Best Served Smoking Hot." After seeing so many people turned into sex-slaves by so-called friends, here have one that wasn't intended to and wasn't at all, but decides to play off of the assumption that he did to get a little revenge in. Beware pulling tricks on friends that have devious streaks themselves, especially when the trick goes horribly wrong.

Next, "New Balance." Shoe references aside, here's an aftereffect of a change you don't usually see - well, you see it, but this guy has to live it. I wonder who runs that circus, and whether the market research that audiences might come to see tightly-clad female acrobats more had something to do with this mysterious transformation.

And finally, "Hide And Seek." Gender changing magic/inventions make things more interesting, no? Just make sure you know what you're getting into, or the end result of your games might have you looking like and doing things you would never expected you would.