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From: The Dark Side of Femme Captions.

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Slutty Teacher

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The Pretender and the Actor

Apologies if it's a bit too long for you to read; this time involves two men at different locations doing the same thing.
The Actor: Win-win Situation 

The Pretender: Second Step

Body Possession

Not a series per se, but I posted five caps on PossessionObsession 4 yahoo group. So I figured that I should share them here as well.

The Chameleon

Hello, apologies for the lack of updates; life got in the way but nevertheless, I have managed to squeeze out two captions involving our affably (hopefully) evil impersonator.

The Chameleon is at it again with his industrial espionage. This time, he impersonates a cute secretary and creates an alluring vixen persona for himself.

Effective Persuasion
Exploring Alternative Market


Oh gosh, it has been too long. Sorry about the delay, I've been a bit too busy. These Bodyhop caps had been uploaded at the PosessionObsession4 group, I hope you enjoy these.