Chastity Lover

I've just seen that ChastityLover has posted nine of my captions. Some have been reblogged by others, too. I think that's great. It's nice to see my work appreciated on other sites. Can I ask a small thing, please. Can you link your audience back here, so that if they enjoy my captions, they can enjoy some more?

Contrary to the theme of these captions, I won't be 'coming to get you'. I can hardly get precious over the images, as I get them from all over. Some I even recaption. I make no money from this site, and do not own any of the images. Only the words are mine. I've always been happy to remove any image which does not belong to me. (Leave a comment on the latest blog.) In five years of blogging these captions, that's only happened twice.

Enjoy the "who's been naughty" theme...

Long And The Short Of It

I saw a pole that asked people's preference for long or short captions. The pole came out in favour of short. I'm not sure I agree this applies to every caption. There must be something between a 'one-liner' and a story?

I like the story of the fantasy, so I just keep writing until I've told the story that turns me on. (Hope it helps you, too.) If the image conjures up a lot for me, I share it. I also like leaving much more unsaid, so you can go off in your own direction. Better still is when a pair of pictures can be used to tell one story.

In this batch I show both long and short captions. The twin pictures will have to wait. The theme is: Games At The Chastity Club. Enjoy...

Lost A Follower

Must be around here someplace. Oh well, easy come, easy go. Back to 299 followers. Thanks for staying.

Here are some games people play, or I'd wish I could play. Enjoy...

A Milestone For Me - 300 Followers

I know in recent months I've not posted as often as I used to. So, it comes as a pleasant surprise to see that I've attracted 300 followers. Thank you.

Here are some brides. So, I'm sticking with how it all starts theme. The first of this group are members of a Chastity Club. I think we all have an in-built need to know that we belong? Even if, or especially if, your club has just two members, including you. Enjoy...

P.S. For those counting, this is post 500!

It's Been A While. Sorry

It's been a while, as real life intrudes. Other things on my mind, of late.

I just noticed that I'm a couple away from 300 followers. Wow! Thank you all for staying with me.

Today's theme is: discovery. If your little secret is discovered by the one you love, let's hope it all goes well. Enjoy...

This last lady is a stunning beauty. She appears on various sites with self-portraits. I wish she had a larger presence. Does anyone know her name? Cheers!