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Do we take Nudity for Granted?

You probably found your way here because you were surfing porn. (Followers aside. But then... how did you guys first get here to follow? Humn?) I love the female form. You probably noticed? So do I have double standards when I see young girls flashing at clubs, when they clearly have had too much to drink? I think close-up and personal flashing should be something lovers do. Definitely not something to do when drunk. Do I sound prudish?

Now, on the Internet. Ah, now. Humn, there goes that double standard. So what's the difference? For every exhibitionist should there be a voyeur?

I think the key is the artificial relaxant. If you need it, then you probably shouldn't be doing what you're doing. I think self-respect should come into it somewhere. And if the girls concerned don't respect themselves, how do they hope to attract guys that respect them?