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Where Do You Go To Learn This Stuff?

Generally most of my generation learned about sex in the school yard. As a teenager, the rumours, speculations and the fantastical are laughable, now. Then? Who knew?

Now? Well, the web suddenly doesn't seem so bad, even with all the porn. Or does it? A new trend, (reported in the media - so feel free to treat as fiction), describes teenagers in their first relationships treating each other like porn stars, as that is the only role-model they've had. I can well imagine some examples of this, but I'm not sure how commonplace this is.

When I were a lad, (sitting comfortably?), I got hold of some collected letters from Forum Magazine, in paperback. Of course I went straight for the kinky, fetish, bondage, spanking and my favourite... femdom and chastity letters. But once I'd read those a few times, (& improved my eyesight - grin!), I started to read some of the other letters on more serious relationship issues. I hope I learned something. I definitely felt I was ahead of my peers, at the time. The general rule about girls maturing faster than boys was never my experience. I often think of my teenage loves, and wonder what they're up to today.

So, what are you into? (Apart from chastity, as you wouldn't be reading this blog.) And more importantly, how long did it take you to realise it?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a school course, tacked onto the end of your education, that could better prepare you for life with a partner? Would there be fewer divorces. I think there would. Anyway, the fantasy...

Needless to say, I'd sign up.