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Still Got More Caps In Me Part 2

Still going!

This first one was conceived a long while ago - it was my attempt to maybe make a spin on the whole "conditioned" sort of thing, like the ideas NRAE has. But I couldn't get it to come together in a way I actually enjoyed until a few weeks ago.

And one that doesn't strictly involve a mental change - I do like these as well. Lucky guy got away just in time. ;-)

This one was first intended to be part of a series (on TF-Media), involving a wizard type dude who for fun turned all his friends into girls during summer vacation - vignettes about each of them, essentially. Each would basically be the story of how their minds adapted to match their changes and what happened after. Here's all that's left.

Here's one that's just an ode to one of my favorite words, especially in caps. And to prove that point, another cap that said word in it! Gotta love that magic tattooist.

And the rest...