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Quick Update

Ok so far, I am still working my bum off and its not leaving me much time to create captions. Of course, it would be nice to have an idea for one too, but you have to start somewhere and having time seems like the place to start. So...to pass the time, I thought I would give everyone some insight into my creative process by posting some pics and telling a little bit about what I think of when I see it. Its basicly the same thing I do when I look for pictures to cap.

1. Lovers....A young man has had a crush on his best friend for such a long time, but his friend is only into girls. Finally, he can't take it anymore and decides to visit a wizard for a cure for his love sickness. Only the wizards idea for a cure turns him into his buddy's dream girl and once they meet, they cant wait to get back to his place. He has lost his manhood, but has gained so much more.

2. A man and his wife have a wonderous love life. Except that the wife has always wanted to have sex with a beautiful young woman. Not wanting to cheat, she asks her husband for a small favor and being a good man that he his, he agrees and buys a bodysuit. They have a wonderful night together until they discover he can't get the suit off. Now it seems he is stuck and she....she pretty happy about it.

3. Poor, poor guy. Why does his girlfriend always complain about the housework. He works hard all day, he deserves a chance to relax when he gets home; not help with the chores. Good thing he put her in her place and informed her that was womans work anyways. Bad thing, that she happens to practice a little magic. Now he spends all day at home caring for and cleaning the house like the "good little woman" he his.

4. As a force femmed slave, she must learn to do everything a woman does. She has mastered walking and talking. Is pretty good at putting on makeup. She even is turning into a decent little cock sucker. There is just one thing that she refuses do and that is SIT!!

5. Ok, so I dont really have a story for this one. I just love the pic. The panties so delicate (I have a pair just like them...can you say no pantylines) The super cute lace anklets (I have them too) Tie them all together and with the heels and it is a very sexy pic.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this peek into my devious little mind. Maybe next time there will be caps or maybe, we'll venture down the dark path that lurks there.