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A Lesson in Corruption

Howdy gals, I'm not yet able to make the header, but don't worry. I just had this little time to make a caption, that formed itself from the situation going on in my country.

For you see, corruption is spreading everywhere in my country and the whole country is a turmoil, - I will only say that we would love right now to have the Impeachment figure as we don't have that. So you can start making a guess - as I stated in my tumblr, if you want to look at it, go ahead, you are free to go and watch it. So in order to vent out some stress and impotence I decided to funnel that rage into this. I won't mind if you don't like it or not this time because is coming from a "day of rage" today and I had to do something as I said. 

I'll come back in two weeks or so to reorganize the blog and keep and try to do regular updates, will see about that.