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Girdles and a Woman's breasts, building blocks for femming

A few years ago now, Mistress Cassie came into my life and trained me to be Her sissy. Long before that however, i was influenced a number of things that ultimately made me more vulnerable to Her feminization.

Two of the earliest influences, during puberty, were girdles and Female breasts. As i watched my Female classmates bodies develop, i also got peeks of their undies, often girdles, while in school. my goodness, that was a long time ago. And i was getting schooled all right.

The seeds of Female domination and my own submissive nature were being sewn back then. Mistress Cassie is reaping the benefits now.

Yes, i came across this photo today and those days long ago when it all started. i've always associated masturbation with not only the Female anatomy, but with the lingerie that these lovely Creatures adorn. Make no mistake about it, i associate the Female breast with nurturing. And what item of lingerie is more appropriate to symbolize control than a girdle?

Mistress Cassie provides all of my nurturing now, its just spelled T R A I N I N G