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Devalued Submisive Males (Sale Now On)

Saw something on Tom Allen's site Edge of Vanilla about word of how the value of the submissive male is generally low. I can empathise with this view. (You may have noticed that in my captions the ladies are the keyholders!) It's a sad fact that there are more submisives than dominants. To continue the generalisations, even switches enjoy more time as the sub, if they can. This of course creates a 'buyer's market'.

The attitude of 'behave as I want, 'cause there's plenty more where you came from' is not just a fantasy threat, sadly. Will this make us better people, or will it make us bitter? My view is that a power exchange relationship is the same as any other, in that both parties have to be suited to one another. Interests in the kinky do not create a match in itself.

By shere statistics, there will be many submissives that will never find their domme/dom soul mate. They will have to reach some inner peace as best they can, and be content with fantasy.

Of course, this could all just be in my head! Enjoy these fantasies where the ladies play for keeps...