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Are Mean Girls More Attractive?

As any good masochist will tell you, (after they've begged you to be mean to them), a mean cruel lady has something extra that makes her even more attractive. Aside from the obvious: authority figure makes us feel safe and secure, (bondage reference unintentional - honest), what is it? Or is it that simple? I need structure, and this is a structure?

I like physical pain (in small doses), but given a choice between emotional torment or a smack with a stick, I'll take the stick, every time. (Hopefully short of a hospital visit!)

So everyone, the mantra? One, two, three: Safe, sane and consensual. (This trio should come with a safe-word, agreed before play starts. - Just stating the obvious. Or at least, I hope it's obvious.)

And now some fantasies, with mean girls...