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Justice Done

Sitting to write this post hurts so I will try and be as brief as possible for the reasons of comfort. As you will be aware we started using the spanking program a few days ago and I managed to earn myself an extra spanking for scraping the paint off Miss Kinky’s small car while parking it next to a wall.

As soon as time would allow my details were entered into the program and my punishment was announced by Miss Kinky and I was sent upstairs to think about what I had done.

It felt like ages until she arrived, and I sat there nervously waiting my fate as she had done a few days earlier. My hands were clammy and my throat was dry. It always amazes me that I always feel the same way after countless spanking I have received that just seem part of my whole life for as long as I remember.

Eventually the door open and in came Miss Kinky and headed to the wardrobe to gather the well used leather strap and the cane from the top shelf. Then standing front of her the lecture began. You know the thing “I’ve told you to be careful of that wall before”, “I warned you that you were to close”, “I told you what would happen if you scraped the car”. It is at this point that you wished you had listened to all the warnings before, rather than thinking at the time “whatever”.

Standing facing her she undid my trousers and they fell into a pool around my feet, the coins in the pockets making a jingling sound as they fit the floor. Stepping out of them I pulled out the chair from the dresser, “The Spanking Chair”, and bent myself over the back, my hands on the seat of the chair.

I could feel her behind me. I knew what was about to happen. That feeling of anticipation and the nerves just got a whole lot worse. Then I felt it…

The strap hit home and I rocked on the chair. She wasn’t going to be doing this with any half measures. I could feel its burning mark across my bottom and it seemed like my under pants were offering no form of protection at all.

"If that was the first", I thought to myself, "what are the other going to be like". I was soon to find out. Evenly spaced she relentlessly laid on another twenty three strokes of the strap with equal force on to my increasingly sore bottom.

After she had finished with the leather strap I turned and faced her, as instructed, and her hands went for the elastic of my boxers. With a fluid motion she pulled them down my legs. At this point the impending doom of the cane hit home, and my manhood was far from erect. This was a punishment spanking.

After glimpsing a quick view of a very red bottom in the bedroom mirror I went back over the chair. Then came the familiar tapping of the cane that always puts a knot in your stomach, before the whish of the cane as it slices the air, only to be followed by the burning pain as it bites into you bottom.

This was the first of twelve and I could tell how angry my carelessness had made her. It was all in the force of the strapping before and now it was there in the caning too. It was like someone had put a line of fire on my bottom, but there wasn’t much time to think of that, the tapping began again.

Twelve times the cane landed, twelve lines of fire on my sore bottom with the last one being the hardest, before I was allowed to get up to face her again. Throwing down the cane she hugged me, told me she loved me and than it was for my own good, before she pushed me to my knees.

Instinctively I knew what to do, I lifted her skirt, pulled down her winter tights, followed by her knickers and buried my face in the soft curls of her pussy, licking and fingering until she moaned in pleasure as she came. A thank you for the punishment I had just received.

Going to cleaning herself up I was left naked in the corner of the bedroom to contemplate what I had done. There was of course another lecture to come about being more careful in future as I stood naked before a woman I adore.

Later we made love, with her riding my hard cock, my sore bottom rubbing against the sheets, which felt like they were made of sandpaper, until I exploded inside her. Happy that I was forgiven I went to sleep holding her with a smile on my face and with a very marked and sore bottom for my sins.

Well that was last night, the brief details are in my punishment log, and with my punishment night tomorrow I’m not hopeful of getting away with a good boy spanking, I’m afraid another punishment might coming my way. I guess I will find out my fate just after dinner.